SMS2016 – The feedback

It’s been a week since our SMS2016 and it has been great to hear back from so many of the participants about the value they saw in the day. Based on the feedback it would seem that the “Plan on a page” framework is going to provide some impetus for a more methodical and structured approach to managing inputs within the sales environment and I am happy to review any drafts that arrive into my inbox.

Linkedin has proven what a powerful platform it is for connecting people and it’s been interesting to get a better understanding of people’s background after they have reached out to connect. I’m not sure how many years of sales management experience we had in the room on the day but it might be over 100 years when it is all added up!

One of the other consistent feedback items has been how informative it was to spend the day within a mixed sector and industry environment. The mixed nature of the group’s day to day operating environment certainly added to the overall depth and knowledge bank that we were able to draw on in the room.

Probably of most interest was the level of similarity around the number of shared issues in delivering within the 2016 economy.  The insight from the day was that the challenges within sales teams are largely homogeneous when viewed through a People, Process and Product lens.

Looking forward already to our next Sales managers Symposium so we can continue to build on our knowledge and understanding of the drivers and barriers to operational success.

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