Customer Planning


Customer segmentation and the distribution of resources to high value opportunities should be central to any Account List Management practice. The absence of a strong sales practice and focus on Customer Planning often requires a third party intervention. This can enable a neutral viewpoint that the current Sales Management Group may not be able to identify due to long held conventions or fatigue from the pursuit of the “next “ sale.

Prentice and Partners have proven methodologies that enable an efficient transition from transaction based sales to long term partner-based selling. All associated tools and frameworks are customised to an individual business and its specific requirements.

Engagement strategies for the Sales Force are central to the adoption and understanding of any changes to the status quo and Prentice and Partners support the Sales Leadership through the internal marketing and collaboration of all key influencers and stakeholders.

Information and technology is as much an enabler as a disruptor to old or existing Customer Management techniques and needs to be central to the future state of the interface between the sales team and the customer.

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