Strategy and Alignment


The requirement on the leadership of the Sales function to have and to communicate the Strategy for ongoing revenue growth is a mandatory in the creation and management of a high performing sales organisation. Corporate Strategy is most often well understood but the supporting Sales Strategy is often missing or reduced to a series of tactical revenue initiatives masquerading as a long term direction for the sales team to rally and resource around.

Prentice and Partners provide Sales Leaders with the tools and guidance to output the required planning documentation and equally as important the narrative that supports it.

The creation, review or reinvention of the Sales Strategy is the foundation stone for long term alignment between the sales team and supporting functions as well as within the team itself.

Successfully aligning the ambitions of the business with the requirements of the Sales force provides a high level of visibility on the things that matter most and reprioritizes non critical ideas and actions.

Sales and Commercial Strategy and Planning are at the core of the Prentice and Partners offering as without these in place an organisation can tend to be driven by opinions and personalities as opposed to actions and quality outcomes.

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